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We are an innovative company and we differentiate ourselves by our multi-disciplinary approach crossing all business functions and covering all aspects of your international transactions. 


 Our services are organised under two platforms: the Compliance Platform and the Profit Platform and are delivered worldwide. 


Working with us, you will receive a fixed quote (and not an hourly rate) for each engagement to give you full visibility and control of the total cost of our intervention. 


You have a technical question? You don't want a full project but need a reliable advice?  Send us an email and we'll be happy to give a quote for an advisory report answering just the question you have, nothing more. 



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Compliance Platform 

We support companies compliance with International Trade regulations by transferring knowledge, developing policies and procedures, implementing processes, delivering training and running audit programmes.


 Custom Compliance 


This covers Customs Law as well as a wide range of other regulations enforced at the border by Customs authorities for instance Phytosanitary regulations. We help:

 - Meeting rules for Customs Classification, Valuation, Rules of Origin for Free Trade Agreements and Preference.

Customs regimes and Procedures in each jurisdiction.    

- Responding to trade defence instruments by managing quotas and restrictions.

- Ensuring agents and carriers are accurately instructed. 



 Export Control Compliance 


This covers EU Dual Use and UK Military List controls and classification, End-Use, Sanctions and Embargoes. It also affect other products such as work of arts or endangered species. We help:

Determine the need for Export Licences and support the entire licence life cycle from obtaining End User Undertakings, licence selections / applications to ensure compliant shipping processes for products and technology subject to UK, EU regulations.

 - Monitor Country embargoes and sanctions.



Trade Finance Compliance


Complying with the requirements of the various payment methods developed by Mercantile customs, we help: 

- Collection arrangements and compliance with Uniform Rules of Collection.

Letter of Credit and compliance with Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP).

- Bills of Exchange, bank guarantees, factoring, forfeiting, financial leasing and other form of merchant finance.

- Ensure compliance with financial documents and requirements with documentary, letter of credit….

- Compliance with payment protection and insurance policies for medium to high risk transactions.



Contracts, Terms and Business Compliance


Some compliance requirements and risks derive from the contractual agreement with the customers, suppliers, carriers or from the management of the business.  To ensure that the sales or buying agreements will not create a compliance issue later in the transaction, we help:

Review International sales and procurement contracts.

- Structure long term transactions with construction or installation abroad

- Select appropriate Trade terms (Incoterms, Intraterms…), passing of risk and costs. 

- Produce compliant documentation: Invoice, shipping and insurance documents, certificates, 
Review agency, distribution, licensing, franchising arrangements.

- Review anti-bribery and data protection compliance processes.

Structure transactions during strategic planning

- Analyse market access, country risks and export credit insurance.

- Audit foreign suppliers and agents

- Define local content requirements to develop compliance.

Structure Inter-company transactions.



 Logistics and Supply Chain Compliance 


Relates to a number of legislations controlling international movements of goods such as transport law, insurance law… we help with:

 - Review of contracts of carriage of goods by sea, air, container and land and marine insurance.

- Supply chain security obligations. 

- Dangerous/hazardous goods. 

- Packing obligations. 

- Pre-shipment inspections

- Multi-country spare parts management.

- Management of freight forwarding/agents contracts: rights and obligations, responsibilities and compliance performance.

- Audit agents and carrier’s operation for compliance and integrity on behalf of the business.






    Compliance Process Improvement

    Our innovative products SAFE EXPORT and SAFE IMPORT

    - Optimises the business processes to include and automate compliance checks, actions and KPI at the various points of a transaction, creating a compliance chain from initial enquiry to receipt of payment. 

    The objective is to translate into operating procedures the various obligations applying in the region.

    - Delivers of a cross-function compliance programme.



    Compliance policy 

    - Development and improvement of corporate guidelines, compliance policy, procedures and internal documentation to support implementation of the compliance programme. 
    - For SME’s, our best selling “Plug & Play” procedures allow a quick and cost-efficient upgrade of the business internal procedures and processes. 



    Internal audit programmes

    - Conduct internal audits on various sites to ensure compliance is met, knowledge is accurate and up to date.

    - Compare the business processes to internally set standards and to external leading practices.

    - Identify potential gaps in the design effectiveness of the processes and make suggestions to close the gaps identified.

    - Provide feedback on leading practices for the risk management activities.

    - Support for Customs audits and AEO Certification. 

    - Carry out due diligence for M&A.




    Knowledge Management - Continuous Development 

    - Drive an organisational understanding and adherence to international trade compliance.

    - Create awareness and competence in international trade compliance issues across functions and continuing development of company based export/import knowledge.

    - Participates in worldwide international trade compliance training.

    - Monitor the company’s global trade horizon. Provide export/import updates, briefings, newsletters to local teams in actionable language. 




Profit Platform

We help companies reduce transaction costs, combine methods to reduce import duties, reduce logistics costs, increase cash flow, reduce order to cash cycle. 


  • Import duty reduction: Introduce business strategies for compliant use of duty reduction/elimination opportunities with Customs Classification, Valuation, use of Customs Procedures (IPR, OPR, End-use, Customs warehouse, transit…) and maximising the benefit of Free Trade Agreements and duty preference mechanisms.

  • Customs Programmes: Implement Customs programmes such as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and centralised customs clearance. 

  • Reduce transaction costs: Control total landed costs to reduce logistics cost. Introduce border-related cost savings with Single Window clearance (Customs facility only available in some countries). Increased efficiency of import and export administration

  • Trade Policy and Lobbying: 

    - Monitor proposed legislation and regulations that may affect the business/group international activity and prepare written analysis to guide lobbying efforts.


    - Review of impact of new trade policies such as trade agreements, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy legislation and technical barriers. Analysis of impact of proposed new trade policy on the business, a business division, a town or a region. 





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