Intl Trade Instrument Ltd

Company Profile 

Headquartered in Aberdeen (Scotland) and operating around the world, Intl Trade Instrument focuses on the company strategy and internal processes to help importers and exporters recognise risks, mitigate them and trade globally, without disruption, in a safe, compliant and profitable manner.


Our clients are SME's with global ambitions, private equity firms, accountants, lawyers, Customs administrations, local councils and international organisations such as the UN.


Our global partners are trusted local businesses bringing country-specific expertise to our work. 


Our aim is to help our clients develop: 


Profitable and resilient international strategy and development 

Compliant and efficient global trade policies

Sound cross-departmental international trade processes

Tight administration of the international supply chain and logistics

Strong control of costs of global transactions 



Consultancy being a knowledge-based activity we see our research work as critical to better serve our clients by bringing to them reliable and up to date formal knowledge, cutting-edge processes and innovative best practices.

We regularly conduct research the field of global trade management to advance knowledge, identify innovative practices and better serve our clients by bringing to them reliable and up to date formal knowledge, cutting-edge processes and innovative best practices.


Our director, Catherine Truel, is doing a PhD in Customs Law researching the new EU Customs code (Union Customs Code) and its impact on SME's internationalisation. 



With have a presence in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Singapore and Almaty (Kazakhstan) and we operate across the world. 



Catherine Truel : Founding Director


Catherine Truel


Catherine is the founding director of Intl Trade Instrument and the author of the Bestseller “A short guide to Customs Risk”.


After graduating in International Trade, Catherine started her career in industry with multinational corporations managing global supply chains for large groups. 


Winner of the “Best Chemical Supply Chain” Award from Intel Corp, Catherine has a significant experience of complex cross-border movements of goods and a deep expertise of global trade transactions. She joined Ernst & Young International Trade Practice assisting corporations with Customs, Trade Compliance and Strategic Planning before creating Intl Trade Instrument.


A renowned international trade and compliance expert, Catherine is a member of the UN Group of Experts on the “Euro-Asia Transport Links” project advising Customs administrations in Central Asia. Catherine is also a co-author of the OSCE-UNECE “Handbook of Best Practices at Border Crossings”; a reference document for Central Asia government Customs officials.


A former Board Director of Sitpro, the UK Trade Facilitation Agency, Catherine holds a Master Degree in International Trade Law (Distinction) and is currently pursuing a PhD in Customs Law. Her research focuses on the Union Customs Code impact on SME's internationalisation.


She is a guest lecturer at Edinburgh Heriot Watt University and Guest Scholar of the Junseok Research Institute of International Logistics and Trade, INHA University, Korea. 

Xavier Rochat : Managing Director

Xavier Rochat


Xavier Joins Intl Trade Instrument Ltd from the world of finance. An accountant by training, he has looked after multi-country/multi-currency transactions for large corporations and brings to Intl Trade Instrument his experience of the challenges faced by large groups in cash management.


Xavier looks after the business, our offices and manages our relationships with our trading partners, experts and stakeholders. 


Should you have any specific expertise in international trade and wish to join our pool of experts do send him a note.